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Voice Over Demo

Self-Produced & Engineered @ Hartt 


Irish Dialect 

Southern Accent #1

Enriched NYC Accent


Breast Cancer PSA

Quirky High Pitched 

"Valley Girl" 

 Goofy / Over the Top


Southern Accent #2

PB Poster 03 FINAL-zoom info crpd.png

Improv Troupe "Daniel No" Shows @ The Creek & The Cave, LIC


Comedy Spec "Tom, Dick & Harry: You Won't Be Disappointed"

All Female Troupe Tom, Dick & Harry 


"a hardcore hippie" lyrics & vocals ©Kait Marrin

Structured during Kait's employment at BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) 

A hardcore HiPPiEkait marrin
00:00 / 02:24

silly characters made up on the fly

"Mine or Yours"

Winner, 2nd place, Fresh Fruit Festival 2011

       Playwright: Duncan Pflaster                  Director: Keith Dunn-Fernandez

  Starring: Caroline Samaan, David Baxter, Kait Marrin and Jake Koenig

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